Since 1968


The Whole Child

The “whole child” is our focus; intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth. Attention is given to the developmental abilities of the child. We are interested in creating a positive self image for every child at Hopwood. We want them to develop self confidence and a willingness to try new ideas, we want them to learn that they can do many things. We encourage the participation rather than the end result in activities. We promote creativity in their work, with self expression being paramount. We reinforce positive thinking and creative problem solving. We endeavor to look at things through a child’s eyes and help them to enjoy and appreciate life.

Learning How to Learn

At Hopwood, we are more focused on setting up the patterns of learning. Therefore, we work with classification, seriation and sequence skills. These skills can later be transferred to the sciences, reading, mathematics and other areas of study. Learning “how to learn” at an early age provides the strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our curriculum fosters necessary reading and writing skills. Your child will learn at a developmentally appropriate pace, not by rote memorization.

Key Experiences

Your child primarily learns through his or her experiences. Therefore, we at the Hopwood School & Camp provide as many key experiences as possible so that the child may discover what we as adults take for granted. We provide a tactile environment with a variety of media so that your child can relate and express his or her ideas. We provide a wide variety of situations and settings that encourage fundamental social skills both indoors and outdoors. Thus, the child develops independence, the ability to participate in group situations and the ability to problem solve in relation to others.

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