Hopwood School & Camp


A Brief History

Ann Hopwood graduated from West Chester College with a degree in elementary education and is a state certified teacher. In 1968, Ann decided to leave full time teaching in public schools and pursue a dream of starting her own school. After two years with the school in their home, the Hopwoods purchased land and completed construction of a new school building in 1971. In 1981, the Hopwoods purchased additional land adjacent to the school and introduced the Hopwood Summer Camp. 

Heidi grew up working with her mother and father on the myriad tasks associated with the school. She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in early childhood development and is a state certified teacher. She was a preschool teacher at the Hopwood School in the 1980’s before moving to Florida in 1988. Heidi taught in private preschools and public elementary schools in Florida throughout the 1990’s. Heidi, along with her husband and three children, returned to Pennsylvania in 2003 to buy the family business.   

After all these years, the Hopwood School & Camp remains committed to providing quality care and education to young children. Heidi and the dedicated teachers, aides and counselors carry on the tradition of excellence at Hopwood. The philosophies, curriculum and work ethic set forth by Ann and Richard Hopwood is the standard to which Heidi holds herself and the Hopwood staff.

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