3 Year Old Program

Monday through Friday 2 - 5 day - A.M., full day or extended day schedules

3 Year Old Overview
This program is for children 3 years of age as of September 1st of the enrollment year. Children that turn 4 during the enrollment year stay with the class.

The 3 year old program is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Department of Human Services and follows the High/Scope curriculum implemented by the Hopwood School. Please refer to our curriculum overview for more information regarding High/Scope.

This is often a child’s first real experience of being away from home on a regular basis. It is also a difficult transition for parents. We encourage parents to talk about school as a fun, happy place without mentioning that you are going to miss them. This will facilitate a chance for a great beginning. If your child needs to bring a stuffed animal or other comfort item during the first few weeks, it is understandable.

When 3 year olds begin school they need to feel secure. Their teacher will spend time showing them where the bathroom is located, where to wash hands, hang up smocks, where to hang up school bags etc. until everyone feels comfortable in the new environment.

A three year old is usually very active with a relatively short attention span. 3 year olds are far more interested in finding out about themselves and developing their own skills. They begin to interact with other children and develop relationships. Our program consists of quiet group projects mixed with active learning and play activities that are structured in manageable time frames. The schedule is flexible to allow for daily changes in mood and interest levels.

Painting, manipulating play-dough, building with blocks, playing house and experimenting with the sand and water tables are real joys to these children. We appeal to a child to learn by using all five senses. Movement, actions and instruments are used with repetition to increase their enjoyment and participation in musical expression. 

Children are encouraged to pour juice, spread glues and cut paper on their own. This does take time to control and master. Art projects are created to provide satisfaction for the child, without judgment of the end result. Self expression and confidence are paramount. Children take joy in new accomplishments.

Nature walks are incorporated in the schedule. Children explore the open fields and wooded areas of the Hopwood campus under the supervision of their teacher and aide. Animals, plants and weather are observed and discussed while exploring. Items are collected as well for study and discussion in the classroom.

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