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Preschool art at Hopwood
  Kids handprints in the barn at Hopwood Summer Camp Information about Hopwood preschool and kindergarten programs

The Hands Say It All

The Hopwood Crest was designed to symbolize the many unique facets of the school and camp. The inspiration for the hand print comes from the hundreds of children's hand prints that adorn the wooden walls of the camp's barn.

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The Hopwood School & Camp Crest

The Hopwood crest design is inspired by the original Hopwood family crest. The Hopwood surname was first recorded in England in the late 14th century. Richard Hopwood (co-founder of the school) was a first generation American, whose father emigrated from Manchester, England in 1909. The Old English meaning of Hopwood (or Hopwode) is “wood in a valley among hills.” Interestingly, the Hopwood School & Camp rests on a wooded property that slopes gently toward the Towamencin Creek.

Hopwood School and Camp logo

The leaf symbolizes the natural setting of the Hopwood campus, the earth sciences and individual growth. The Hopwood experience is an active learning experience both indoors and out. Hopwood children have plenty of room to play, interact and explore the world around them. Hopwood enables young minds to grow with confidence.


Hopwood School and Camp logo

The open book is used to symbolize our commitment to our curriculum and the fundamentals of education. The Hopwood School follows the High/Scope curriculum, a measurable and proven method of instruction. We encourage “active learning”, a relationship between planning, doing and reviewing individual and collective work.


Hopwood School and Camp logo

The stripes are an element of the Hopwood family crest and are used here to symbolize our family’s history and the school’s long standing commitment to excellence. A “paly of six ardent and vert” from the original crest is used. Translated, this quadrant is rendered with six alternating stripes of silver (ardent) and green (vert).

Hopwood School and Camp logo

The hand print of a child is used to symbolize the potential of youth, self expression and creativity. It is our sincere desire and intent to guide your child toward his or her full potential and to help them unlock the power of self reliance, self expression and creativity. “Children learn by doing” has long been our guiding principle.


children playing outdoors at Hopwood School and Summer Camp

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